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Spending time at camp is often times described as a mountain top experience. We often hear, "I wish I could take camp home!" Here are some resources to continue faith development all year long.

Vibrant Faith Home

Vibrant Faith is a site designed to help adults engage young people in faith development. Simple, yet powerful faith-forming activities are seasonally-based and FREE!

Project Living

Project Living is a site that explore the question "What do I do with my life" through the lens of the Christian Faith. Project Living is a place where God's guidance and direction are a part of the discussion.

Project Living

It is the policy of Sequanota that when hiring staff or utilizing volunteers, the following procedures are in place. We share these practices with our user groups as per ACA standards and encourage user groups to screen their volunteers and staff.‚Äč

All volunteers are required to complete the PA State Criminal History Report, PA Child Abuse History Clearance, and FBI Fingerprint Criminal History Report (or sign a waiver). In addition to complying with PA state law, volunteers must fill out a Voluntary Disclosure Statement.

If you know of other resources that we should share please contact the camp office.